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Let our staff of highly trained professionals take the stress out of having to care for your brick pavers and travertine surfaces. We have developed a process and system that not only cleans and protects your pavers but also maintains you’re pavers for you.

Benefits of our
Paver Cleaning and Sealing Services

Sealing your pavers with our enhancing sealer will enhance the natural color of the brick, giving them a vibrant and attractive appearance. The sealer can deepen the hues and provide a nice sheen, making your pavers stand out in the crowd.

Our sealing process creates a protective barrier on the surface of your pavers, deterring stains from penetrating into the porous brick or stone. Sealing helps repel oil, grease, dirt, mold, algae and other stains, making your pavers easier to maintain.

Sealing your pavers can help inhibit the development of mold and algae. Our sealer creates a less hospitable environment for organic growth which reduces the chance of mold and algae attaching to the surface of the brick.


Complimenting the cleaning and sealing of your pavers or natural stone with our VIP Program is the best choice for your pavers. While sealing your pavers or natural stone does a great job at resisting stains, it is not the end all be all for your pavers. Your pavers still need to be maintained, especially here in Florida. The solution to your problem is our VIP Program. Our VIP Program allows you to have your pavers cleaned & maintained year-round for a very affordable discounted price. The VIP Program will give you ease of mind knowing that your pavers will be cleaned correctly with not too much pressure, eliminating the possibility of damage to the sealant or surface.

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Paver Cleaning and Sealing Naples FL

Paver Protectors did an excellent paver cleaning and sealing job on our driveway and lanai. We would recommend this company to anyone. From our first interaction with their office, to Troy's visit to evaluate our pavers and give our estimate, to Eddie and Nim's implementation of the actual plan to clean and seal our pavers, everyone impressed us. Eddie and Nim worked as a professional, pleasant, and efficient team. Our driveway and lanai never looked better.

Elizabeth Page

Paver Cleaning and Sealing In Naples FL

PaverProtectors did a tremendous paver cleaning and sealing job on our lanai/driveway. We had black mold starting to form and they completely removed it prior to sealing. The water beads right up on it and it looks great. Jeff, the owner, was on the job the entire time. I would not hesitate one bit to use them again..

Rich Speans

Paver Cleaning and Sealing Naples

PaverProtectors did an amazing paver cleaning and sealing job. We had hired a company previously to seal our pavers. The pavers started turning white and we were unhappy with the outcome. We talked to many companies when looking to getting them resealed, and PaverProtectors was the most knowledgeable on how to fix this and prevent this in the future. We are very happy with the outcome and wish we had went with them before. 10/10 recommend PaverProtectors for any of your paver sealing needs.

Adam Cope

Frequently Asked Questions About
Brick Paver Cleaning and Sealing

It is important to seal your pavers to protect them from the harsh Florida environment. Sealing your pavers will make them stain resistant, provide UV protection, and enhance the natural color of the paver.

Yes. Brick Pavers and Natural Stone do require some maintenance. With Florida’s tropical climate mold, algae and weeds grow rather quickly. We recommend cleaning your pavers at least once a year to insure that these things do not get out of hand. We have a maintenance plan called our VIP Program where we will take care of the maintenance for you.

Vehicles must stay off of the sealed areas for 48 hours. Foot traffic is generally ok after 3-4 hours (maybe sooner depending on weather and humidity levels).

Brick pavers appear to turn white or become hazy when sealed improperly. This is most common with solvent or xylene based sealers. This “Whiting or Haze” that you see is actually trapped moisture under the sealer. Our water based sealers allow the pavers to breathe thus eliminating the chance of this happening. Our sealers will NOT turn white or hazy from trapped moisture and we stand behind this with our warranty.

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Proof of license & insurance available upon request

We guarantee that your paver sealer will not turn white, yellow, peel for flake

* can only guarantee if pavers have not been previously sealed



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