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Are you the victim of a poor seal job? Do your pavers appear white or hazy? We
have a solution to this problem. With our Paver Restoration Process we will
remove the failed sealer, re sand the paver joints and seal with our high quality,
breathable sealer. Paver Restoration costs much less than replacing your pavers.

Benefits of our
Paver Restoration Services

Removing the old sealer allows for remediation of trapped moisture, stains, efflorescence and other potential problems that may have developed under the sealer. Addressing these issues before sealing will help maintain the longevity and breathability of our sealer.

Removing the old sealer allows for better penetration of the new sealer into the pores of the pavers. Without the barrier of the old sealer, the new sealer can bond more effectively with the pavers, providing improved protection, longevity and breathability.

Paver Restoration costs much less than replacing your pavers. Replacing your pavers not only costs a lot of money but also takes a considerable amount of time. Most Paver Restorations can be done in a day or two depending on the size of the job.


When it comes to Paver Restoration, our team at Paver Protectors delivers for our customers every time. Paver Protectors provides exceptional service, expertise and the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction which is backed up with over 875 Google 5*
reviews. We employ a team of highly skilled professionals who are well versed in removing the old sealer from your pavers. We use the latest equipment and techniques to efficiently remove any old sealants or coatings from your pavers, leaving them ready for a fresh start. Moreover, we understand the importance of preserving the integrity of
your pavers throughout the process. Our attention to detail, reliability, and dedication to delivering outstanding results makes us the go to choice for anyone seeking to restore their pavers. For a company you can count on and trust with the restoration of your pavers, call today and see what we can do for you.

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Paver Restoration Naples FL

Jeff and the team at Paver Protectors exceeded all expectations. Jeff returned my call on a holiday weekend and the estimate visit and service followed promptly. The paver restoration result is fantastic. The team answered all my questions and were polite and professional. I will use them again and plan sign on for their maintenance program.

RK Monkey

Paver Restoration In Naples FL

We appreciate them responding to questions and giving an estimate promptly. They showed up when they said they would and did a great paver restoration job. We have had many contractors at our house for various things, and Paver Protectors are one of the best, leaving us satisfied and happy. Thank you.

Anne Tollefson

Paver Restoration Naples

Tyler the technician from Paver Protectors was excellent. Did a great paver restoration job and was so efficient, thorough, friendly and professional! Will definitely recommend and will use your company again for any project that may be needed or arise in the future. Thank you very much!

Laura Kariotis

Frequently Asked
Paver Restoration Questions

The purpose of doing a paver restoration is to remove any existing failed sealer or coatings. This can be identified by a white haze or film on your pavers.

If you notice a white haze or flaking of the sealer that is on your pavers, this is a good indication that you need a paver restoration. Applying another coat of sealer over the failed sealer will not rectify the situation of trapped moisture or flaking. Regular cleanings or high pressure will not remove any existing coatings and high pressure can do damage to the pavers.

While it is possible to strip your pavers yourself, hiring a professional is highly recommended. The stripping process is a very cumbersome process that can cost you a lot of money if not done correctly. The EPA has banned some strippers depending on your state or municipality and it is important that you know all of these things prior to doing the work yourself. Here at Paver Protectors, we are familiar with various types of sealers and pavers and know the appropriate methods, tools, and products to use to effectively and safely strip your pavers.

YES, ABSOLUTELY! When doing a paver restoration, there is always a chance that collateral damage can occur. Our team of experts will go over the risks with you and also educate you on what we do to avoid potential problems or likely damage that can occur.

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Proof of license & insurance available upon request

We guarantee that your paver sealer will not turn white, yellow, peel for flake

* can only guarantee if pavers have not been previously sealed



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