Ep 7: Benefits of our VIP maintenance program

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Welcome to the Adventures in Paver Sealing podcast with your host, Jeff Evers of Paver Protectors. Thank you for tuning into the Adventures of Pavers Sealing podcast. I’m your host, Jeff Evers. And today I wanted to talk to you about our VIP maintenance program. Here in Florida, we are starting to get extremely busy…hustle and bustle around here. The northerners are coming back. The rain is starting to subside and the phones are ringing off the hook. So what I wanted to talk about was our VIP program, because at this time of year being as busy as we are, we are getting inundated with questions and comments and people signing up for our VIP program. So I wanted to address a few things, basically some of our common questions… What is the program? Why do a maintenance program? How does it work and that sort of thing. So I wanted to discuss our VIP program and kind of let you know what it’s all about.

So what is our VIP program?

vip member maintenance program This is a program that we designed to eliminate the headaches of maintaining your pavers. It’s a maintenance program where we preschedule future maintenance cleanings at a discounted price.

And why do you need a maintenance program? Although sealing does protect your pavers, it does not a hundred percent stop the growth of weeds and mold. And here in Florida, especially we get a ton of mold and a ton of weeds popping through like crazy. We don’t get a winter season where these things die down. They grow year round. Mostly in the summer, it gets a lot worse. But it’s a constant thing that we have to deal with.

So in most cases, periodic cleanings are still necessary to keep your pavers looking their best. That is why we designed this maintenance program as we call it our VIP program. And how does it work?

The way our VIP program works is that you commit to two cleanings after the sealing has been done and you do pay for those cleanings upfront. By doing that, you get a cleaning in eight months, you get another one in 16 months, and then eight months after that, you’re now at 24 months, which is two years.

You should receive a little bit every two years. What we do is we call you and see if you want to renew the maintenance program. And if you want to schedule your next clean and seal appointment.

The benefits of regular paver cleaning and sealing

So the benefits of this program is you do get discounted pricing on the cleanings, as well as the sealing and sanding, which is an optional service that we offer. So any of the things that we offer (other than paver restoration, which is stripping off old sealer) we don’t discount those. But everything else is discounted on this maintenance program. You also have the convenience of this appointment’s being prescheduled. So if you’re due for a cleaning in April, we’re going to call you in March to preschedule that for you, you don’t even need to be home. We just come do our thing, make sure that your pavers look great.

And you also get a price guarantee for as long as you’re on that program. Our prices do go up periodically, not very often, but sometimes the cost of our products go up, cost of business goes up. And so we have to raise our prices. But if you’re on that program, you are guaranteed that program price that we quoted you.

And another added benefit is busy season. Like right now, if you’re on our VIP program and you have a need, you want to get some sealing done, you need to get a cleaning done. We do have a waiting list at this time of year because we are so busy. We have people waiting to get done sooner than what we’re available to do. And you go right to the top of that waiting list. That’s another advantage of being a VIP member.

And you also get the benefit of knowing that your pavers are cared for all year round, even in your absence. A lot of our clients are absentee owners or part-time residents. And when they come back, they don’t come back to a pool deck or a driveway full of mold and weeds. They come back to clean pavers and they can go golfing and do the things they enjoy instead of having a list of contractors to call, to get their house in shape.

So these are the reasons our VIP program is so popular. You do prepay for the cleanings up front. That basically shows us your commitment to those two cleanings. And you will get a discounted price on the cleaning as well as the clean and seal.

In closing, if you have any more questions about our VIP program, you can call 239-288-0705 or visit our website. And yes, we can customize the program for you. Our cleanings are basic eight month intervals, but we do have some people that want it every six months, quarterly, whatever your needs are, we’re here to accommodate you. So that concludes today’s podcast. I’m Jeff Evers and thank you for tuning in.

Thank you for listening to the Adventures in Paver Sealing podcast. To learn more about Paver Protectors, please visit paverprotectors.com or call (239) 288-0705.

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