Ep 10: The most frequently asked questions of 2020 4th qtr

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Welcome to the Adventures in Paver Sealing podcast, with your host, Jeff Evers of Paver Protectors. Thank you for tuning in to the Adventures in Paver Sealing podcast. I’m your host, Jeff Evers. And I wanted to go over the five most frequently asked questions that we get asked and this is for the fourth quarter of 2020. Obviously we get asked questions all the time and depending on the time of year, those questions may vary. So I thought it would be a good idea to cover some of these questions, because these are questions that a lot of people out there may have, whether you’re a company running your own paver sealing business, or you’re a customer, some of these questions will pertain to you. So let’s get started with the five most frequently asked questions. This is for fourth quarter of 2020.

Number one, this is always the top on the list and that is…

1) Will sealing or sanding stop weeds from growing?

The answer as always is still no. No, no, no, it will not. A good quality sealer will protect the pavers and it will also stabilize the sand in your joints, but it’s not going to stop the weed growth that comes in between the joints. This is one of the many reasons why routine maintenance with your pavers is required throughout the year.

Another question that’s asked of us, this was number two. Now these aren’t in order. However, number one is always the most frequently asked question, I can tell you that.

2) Is it best to wait until after the rain season to seal my pavers?

The answer to that is it’s completely up to you. For those of you that do not know here in Florida, we get daily rain from June to the end of September, and you could count on it. Every day it is gonna rain. Our sealers are fast drying, and as long as we can fit the appointment in before the rain starts, we are okay to do it during rain season. We take the risk when it comes to the rain. So if it does rain 10, 20 minutes later, we’re going to reseal it free of charge. We’re going to make sure the job is done right, but we can work during the rain season. Now most sealers will last you about two years, regardless of what time of the year the sealer is applied. So keep that in mind, two years is two years. It doesn’t matter whether you do it in September or whether you do it in December. You’re still going to get two years out of that sealer.

Number three, another question that people will ask us is…

​3) Will sealing my pavers enhance the color of my bricks, even though they’re old and worn looking?

patio pavers before and after 1 The answer to that is yes, enhancing sealers will enhance the existing color of your brick. Now the results may vary. If your pavers have been neglected for years and they only have 20% of the original color left, then we can only enhance that 20% that’s left. The sealer will not infuse new color into the brick. So keep that in mind. So if your neighbor’s got a driveway and their driveway is two years old and yours is 12 and theirs has been protected and yours is just beat up…we can make yours look better compared to how it is now. But no, we can not make your pavers look like your neighbor’s driveway. It’s very important to protect your pavers so that your color does not fade so drastically over the years. That is another reason why sealing is so important, especially here in Florida with the weather that we have.

Another question, this is question…

4) ​Why do I have to pay for VIP cleanings in advance?

For those of you that do not know, or is this your first time tuning in, we do offer a VIP program here at Paver Protectors. Now what it is, it’s a maintenance program. Pavers do require maintenance. And that’s why I started this business because all pavers require maintenance as well as sealing, which is part of that maintenance. Now with our VIP program, we do cleanings every eight months. So we come out and do the clean and seal appointment. Eight months later we do a cleaning. 16 months we do another cleaning. And then eight months after that (year to two year anniversary you should re-seal every two years) and we’ll see if you want to renew that program at that point.

Now the discounts are offered if you participate in the VIP program. These discounts are not just for cleanings, but they’re also for the cleaning and sealing. So if you get on to the VIP program, when you are ready to clean and seal, you’re going to get a discount off the regular price. Same thing with the cleanings. Now to get on the program, you do have to commit to two cleanings and you prepay for them in advance. By doing this, you’re going to get the discounts and the scheduling is done in advance so that you don’t have to worry about remembering to schedule your periodic cleanings. There’s nothing more that I hate than try to remember everything at my house and what needs maintenance. This way it’s done for you. We will contact you. The scheduling is done in advance. This way we take the headache out of it.

vip member maintenance program The program will save you money and keep your pavers looking their best. The only way this program would not be a good fit is if you don’t maintain your property or you’ll be moving in the next year. If that’s the case, you would just pay as you go at the regular price and you just call us when you need us. In any industry, good companies offer maintenance packages to keep things operating to their potential. I know at my house, I have maintenance contracts with my pool guymy AC company, my landscaping. The pavers are no different. Take advantage of our VIP program to save money and protect your pavers for years to come. So yes, the cleanings are paid for in advance and upfront. And then you can renew that after that two year anniversary. We’ll see if you want to clean and seal the pavers again, and you can renew the program at that point.
Last question for today is…


5) ​Can I get a discount if several neighbors go in together to get this done?

This question is always very popular in quarter number four of each year, because all the snowbirds from up North are back. They’re back here because the cold is up North and it’s warm down here. So now they’re all coming back and they want to get all their jobs done and they want to know if they can get a discount. And of course we can offer discounts for that. We do offer discounts to anyone who is wanting to get it done at the same time. Now, the discounts they’ll vary depending on how many people are involved, the scope of work and size of the project. But of course we can accommodate you and we will offer discounts if everybody wants to get in on it.

So that’s a wrap on the five most frequently asked questions for the fourth quarter of 2020. Now, if you have any questions for us here at Paver Protectors, you can call us at (239) 288-0705. You can always visit our website at paverprotectors.com. Hope everyone’s having a great day. We’ll see you in the next episode of Adventures in Paver Sealing.

Thank you for listening to the Adventures in Paver Sealing podcast. To learn more about Paver Protectors, please visit paverprotectors.com or call (239) 288-0705.

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