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Brick Paver Maintenance

​Now that your brick pavers and travertine tiles have been sealed, they look great, the sand is locked in, and the mold is gone. What do you do now to make sure they continue to look great?

Well, it’s no secret that everything lasts longer and looks better with proper maintenance. Whether its the oil change you do to your car every 3,000 miles or the teeth cleaning that you do every 6 months, proper maintenance is very important. The same goes for your brick pavers and travertine.

Paver Protectors, Inc. offers a paver maintenance program to all of our customers. If you’re tired of always dealing with mold, weeds, and debris settling into the cracks of your brick pavers, then our VIP maintenance program will be an awesome benefit to you.

Benefits of our
Paver Protectors VIP Program

As a member of our VIP Program, your price is guaranteed for life as long as you remain on the program. The VIP Program price is discounted which results in HUGE SAVINGS. As a VIP member, you are protected from any future price increases.

WIth our VIP Program, you will receive vouchers for your cleanings. You have the convenience of getting your cleanings done at a time that works for you. The vouchers have an expiration date of 2 years so be sure to use them before they expire.

You pay for your Vouchers when you sign up for the VIP Program so there is no need to worry about paying us when the job is complete. You are all set and ready to schedule at your convenience.

This is our motto and something that we instill in all of our staff here at Paver Protectors. We are a company that you can count on to be there when we say we will be there. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and we promise to offer exceptional service with each and every job.

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Do you care about the look of your home? Do you keep up on the maintenance of your driveway and pool deck? If you answered YES, then our VIP Program is for you. Our VIP Program is designed to maintain the look and cleanliness of your pavers after your sealing has been done. Our VIP Program was designed to combat the stubborn mold and weeds that continually become a headache for our customers. You will notice that on your estimate there is a separate column for VIP Pricing. VIP members receive a clean and seal then 2 subsequent cleanings which expire in 2 years. You will receive 2 vouchers for the cleanings and you can use them whenever you want before they expire. At the 2 year mark, we will call you to see if you would like to renew the program. When you renew, you will schedule your next clean & seal and pay for 2 more vouchers. That’s it!! You are now having your pavers maintained by a professional and you no longer need to worry about doing the work yourself.

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How do I become a VIP Member?

When you schedule your initial clean and seal appointment, you let us know that you want to participate in the VIP Program. You will receive the discount for your very first appointment & you will be required to pay for the 2 cleanings at this time.  After your 2 cleanings are used up, we will call you to set up your 2-year sealing appointment. You can then renew for another 2-years and still maintain the discounted rate. You may cancel at any time, however the cleanings are non-refundable.

A maintenance program will keep your pavers looking great and take the work and worries out of your hands. We will do a thorough cleaning which includes eliminating mold and mildew, applying a sodium hypochlorite solution, and eliminating heavy weed growth. 

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Real VIP Paver Maintenance Program Reviews From Happy Customers


VIP Paver Maintenance Program Naples FL

Great follow up service on the VIP Paver Maintenance Program. Seal coated in January. September follow up service to clean the paver walkway and tire tracks from the lawn mowing service completely disappeared.

Barbara Wrigley

VIP Paver Maintenance Program In Naples FL

Have used Paver Protectors twice now for sealing and their VIP paver maintenance program and can categorically say they are one of the best home service companies I've used. The owner is professional yet human, the prices are incredibly reasonable and it's clear they pride themselves on the quality of their work. All the tech's that have come out have been very friendly on time (or early!) and get the job done. Could not ask for more.

Rich Hutton

VIP Paver Maintenance Program Naples

I contracted with the VIP Paver Maintenance Program & am so happy to have PP back next year. From the office personnel to the final paver lanai, driveway & walkway, we were completely satisfied with Paver Protectors.

Joan Berens

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Paver Protectors VIP Program

You will receive vouchers for your cleanings and you can use them whenever you want prior to the expiration date. The vouchers expire in 2 years from the service date.

Yes. All items must be removed prior to our arrival so that we can do a thorough cleaning. We will clean around any items that are left on the area being cleaned so be sure to have everything off for the most detailed cleaning.

No. The clean and seal appointment as well as the cleanings are all discounted and non refundable. You have 2 years to use the cleanings.

No, you can use the area as soon as we are done. The only time you would need to keep off is when we are sealing the pavers.

Ready To Restore Your Pavers?

Proof of license & insurance available upon request

We warranty our paver repairs for a period of 1 year from the time of the repair

This warranty does not cover such items as root intrusion and acts of mother nature.



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