Do I need Paver Protectors in Southwest Florida’s climate?


If you’ve got pavers you need my service. Whether you want it or not, you need it.

And that’s where we come out and do the free evaluation and kinda explain what…you know because a lot of people they just want their driveway to look like their neighbors’.

Well you know if you’ve got a different substrate, if your pavers have been abused, if they’ve been sealed incorrectly…I may not be able to make it look just like your neighbors’. But I can improve on what you do have.

We’re just gonna explain to you your options and it’s up to you to choose at that point. Sometimes the option is just to let it go or replace the bricks.

​​UV rays in Florida, even as little as 6 months, you’ll see a huge difference from covered areas from non-covered areas. So you wanna keep it protected from the Florida sun.

Also a benefit is it slows down the process of mold, mildew, and weeds. Now it doesn’t stop them completely. But it makes it a lot less noticeable and you’re not gonna see it as much as you do if it weren’t sealed.

​Quality work, on time, as promised.

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