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Out & About Southwest Florida: Hey, we’re here hanging out with Paver Protectors, owner Jeff Evers. He’ll go from Marco Island to Port Charlotte to make sure that your pavers are protected.

Why should a homeowner seal their pavers?

Jeff Evers: Well, first of all, most people seal because it offers color enhancement, makes the colors look brighter, gives a little bit of a sheen. There’s added bonuses. It stabilizes the sand in the cracks, which will help with weeds, mold and mildew, that sort of thing. And also gives you a stain resistant surface. So if somebody was to spill oil on your driveway (that sort of thing) it gives you a little bit of time to get it cleaned up before it becomes a permanent stain.


When is a good time to seal your brick or travertine pavers?

​Jeff: ​Typically you want to wait about 30 to 90 days after installation. After that really anytime of the year is fine as long as the weather is permitting.


What advice can you give homeowners who want to have their pavers sealed?

​Well, first of all, when you’re hiring somebody to seal your pavers, you’d want to check testimonials online. Make sure the customers are happy with their service, with the type of service they offer. It’s very important to ask questions, ask them, not only do you seal pavers? But is there a follow-up maintenance plan? What do you do to take care of our pavers after the service has been completed? Cause obviously mold’s still gonna grow in the future. They’re going to get dirty again. There’s proper cleaning techniques rather than just “blasting away” that need to be done. And that’s why you need to hire a professional.

​You can always call us, we can do a free consultation, we can take a look at the problems that you have with your pavers or even if you don’t have problems, we can educate you and explain to you our procedures to prevent you from having problems in the future.

How can we find out more about Paver Protectors?

Well you can call us at (239) 288-0705 or you can request an estimate by clicking below.

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