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Out & About Southwest Florida: We’re meeting here with Paver Protectors today, servicing all of Southwest Florida. Let’s go meet with the owner and find out more. I’m standing with Jeff Evers, the owner. So tell us about the Paver Protector process.

Jeff Evers: What our process consists of is, we come in and do a thorough cleaning first. We eliminate any mold and mildew that may be present, get rid of any stains. We treat any oil stains, rust stains, that sort of thing.

Once we do that, if sanding is needed, we’ll re-sand all the joints. And then we’ll apply two coats of a water based sealer. Our sealers allow pavers to breathe so they won’t turn white or trap moisture. And it gives it a real superior, good result, color enhancement…everything the customer is looking for.

Out & About Southwest Florida: So what sets your company apart from others in this industry?

Jeff Evers:

We specialize just in paver sealing.

By doing this all the time, we really know what we’re doing, we’re educated. We’ve actually been certified by the makers of the products we use. And we educate the consumer. We leave a brochure like this. It explains the type of sealers that we use, the type of sealers on the market. And we kind of gear them towards using something that’s gonna work to get the result they want.

Out & About Southwest Florida: Now, do you have any maintenance plans that you offer?

Jeff Evers: We do! As a matter of fact we have two different packages. One is a paver maintenance program. It’s a cleaning that we do every eight months just to make sure they don’t have any mold, mildew, or weed issues. We have a separate program that we just launched. It’s an annual resale program, where we can come out and do the entire process all over again on an annual basis instead of every few years and we can discount the price greatly and they can save money and have the pavers look good all year round.

Out and About Southwest Florida: Great, so what’s the best way to get a hold of you?

Jeff Evers: The best way to get a hold of us is to call (239) 288-0705 or you can always check out our website.

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