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Many people that we’ve had the pleasure of working with have told us that they thought it was impossible to seal brick pavers without them turning white or becoming slippery…  Some people even thought that the sealer had to be ‘stripped’ every couple of years in order to ‘re-seal’ the pavers.

This is not true when your brick pavers are sealed correctly.
Hiring a trained, and certified, professional is your first step to sealing success!  

It’s really important to us that you have all of the answers so you can make a sound decision when having your brick pavers, driveway, or pool deck cleaned and sealed — here’s the answers to our most commonly asked questions.

The pavers themselves have not turned white. The white haze that you see is trapped moisture or condensation under the sealer. When properly sealed, this will not happen. The original sealing was done with a sealer that is not breathable. To correct this issue a paver restoration must be done to remove the old failed sealer.

In some cases yes.  Re Sanding is not always necessary though.  The sand should be at least 1/8 inch below the chamfer edge of the brick.  Our sealing does a great job of locking in the sand so that it does not easily wash out.

Typically 60-90 days. The main reason to wait is so that efflorescence can work its way to the surface and be cleaned off. The more the pavers get wet, the quicker this happens. For this reason, the amount of time to wait may vary depending on what time of the year it is.

Vehicles must stay off for 48 hours. Furniture can go back onto the pavers after 24 hours and 48 hours for travertine. Foot traffic is ok after 3-4 hours on pavers and 24 hours on travertine.

Yes, we put up caution tape at the end of the driveway. You may remove the tape after the 48 hours have elapsed.

Yes, you can expect some dirt and debris to get into the pool when doing a cleaning or sealing. We clean the entire pool deck which includes the coping but so debris getting into the pool is likely. We are very cautions when working around your pool and do our best to minimize the amount of dirt that will get into the pool. Some sealer my drip into the pool but the copin is done by hand so this is minimal. The sealer is water soluble and will not damage your pool equipment.

You can safely put your furniture back and swim in your pool the following day. Please allow extra time for travertine pool decks.

1) Color Enhancement:

Sealing your pavers will enhance the natural color of your pavers. The colors will also be preserved and protected from the harmful UV rays.

2) Sand Stabilization:

Our Paver Protectors Process allows for superior joint sand stabilization.

3) Algae + Mold Inhibitor:

Sealing your pavers will inhibit algae and mold growth. Sealed pavers dry quickly which will minimize mold growth caused by moisture and humidity.

4) Protection: 

Sealing your pavers will make your pavers stain resistant and help protect from the UV rays which can cause color fade.

Sealing outdoor surfaces is a bit different from sealing tile and grout. Our sealers are made to withstand Florida’s brutal outdoor elements and each of our technicians have been thoroughly trained on applying sealers for our climate.

But our proprietary line of sealers are not made for indoor environments and our technicians (while I’m sure they are capable of sealing) are not trained for sealing tile and grout. In other words, we don’t specialize in indoor surfaces.

Fortunately, I happen to have a great relationship with the owner of SpotOn, the absolute best company in Southwest Florida, when it comes to sealing floors. Jason Evers is the man you want to speak to. He offers tile & grout sealing in the Fort Myers/Naples/Cape Coral area and can be reached at (239) 985-5688. Tell him that his big brother referred you. 🙂

brick paver cleaning and sealing naples fl 22 Efflorescence is a white chalky looking haze that appears on the surface of the pavers. It is most prominent at the bottom of driveways and in undercovered areas. Efflorescence can sometimes be referred to as calcium hydroxide or free lime. Efflorescence is a completely natural occurrence and can appear in random areas throughout all types of concrete pavers. Most manufacturers and builders will not warrant against efflorescence because it is a natural occurrence. We clean these areas with efflorescence cleaners and results may vary. Sometimes the efflorescence will come completely out and sometimes it may only lighten. In either instance, the efflorescence can come back and sealing your pavers will NOT prevent efflorescence. For more information about efflorescence, please contact us at (239) 288-0705.

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We won’t try to sell you something you don’t need.
Your driveway and patio only need to be sealed every two years. Beware of any sealing company in SWFL that tells you otherwise. If you were selling us a product or service, we hope you’d treat us the same way. 🙂

Go above and beyond the call of duty
This is not an everyday occurrence. But there are times when a customer has a problem and if we can fix it, we will. Here’s a perfect example. Would your current cleaning & sealing provider do that?

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Charity Golf Tournaments | Breast Cancer Research

Specialize in hardscapes
Some of our competitors will clean your pool, power wash your roof, and paint your house. Paver Protectors’ goal is not to be a jack of all trades. Instead, we strive to be the absolute best at what we do to give you years of enjoyment.

5-Step Process
Through trial and error, we have perfected a 5-step process that is unique and designed for your needs.

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Efflorescence is a completely natural occurrence. It usually occurs at the bottom of driveways with poor drainage. But it can also happen in random areas of concrete pavers. Most concrete paver manufacturers have attempted to control the problem of efflorescence by using an admixture in their products. However, no manufacturer has completely eliminated the problem. Efflorescence will continue to appear until the calcium hydroxide has had time to exhaust itself.

Most paver sealing contractors resort to commercial efflorescence cleaners. Your driveway, patio, sidewalks, etc. will have to be acid washed. Most cleaners will work effectively to reduce the haze when used properly and will eliminate or lighten the problem. But again, efflorescence will probably keep coming back until the calcium hydroxide has been exhausted. So future cleanings may be necessary.

If you are having a problem with concrete efflorescence and your property is located in the Naples / Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, FL metro area, we can help.

Sealing your driveway is important to protect it from staining from such things as vehicles, birds, fertilizers, and water runoff.  Not to mention that it “Looks Great.”

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