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Re-sanding your paver joints is a crucial maintenance step that helps to restore the stability and appearance of your pavers. Over time, the joint sand between the pavers can deteriorate due to weather exposure, foot traffic, mother nature and pressure washing. Resanding involves the process of removing any loose sand on the surface and replacing it with fresh, properly graded joint sand. This sand fills the gaps between the pavers adding stability to the sand joints. Re-sanding not only improves the structural integrity of your pavers but also enhances the visual appeal. The new sand creates a clean, uniform look and helps to give your pavers a look of beauty and functionality. Recommended sand levels are 1/8 to 1/4 inch below the chamfer edge of the paver. Sanding is not grout and should not be to the top of the brick.

We use only the best quality joint sand. We specifically use ASTM-C144 Angular joint sand. Our sand is washed, screened and dried to give you a more stable sand joint.

Benefits of Re-Sanding Your
Paver Joints

The new joint sand applied to 1/8 to 1/4 inch below the chamfer edge will provide stability and help to prevent the bricks from shifting and moving. Re-Sanding combined with sealing will also help to prevent sand washout from the heavy rains we get here in SW Florida.

We make it very clear that sealing and sanding does NOT stop weed growth. However, resanding does help to minimize the space available for seeds to take root between the pavers. Properly sanded joints paired with our high quality sealer will stabilize the paver joints creating a much tougher area for weeds to pop through.

Re-Sanding your pavers is a cost-effective maintenance solution compared to major repairs or replacements. While it does not directly help a sunken area or areas that need more sand under the pavers, it helps to preventively address all pavers areas that experience sand loss from normal wear and tear.


By trusting us with re-sanding your pavers, you can be confident that you are choosing a reliable, experienced, and customer – focused company. We have the knowledge and training to apply the correct amount of joint sand to your paver joints so that they stay locked in place and not over-sanded causing mold to grow prematurely.

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Frequently Asked
Paver Joint Sanding Questions

The purpose of re-sanding the paver joints is to insure that the sand levels are from 1/8 to 1/4 inch below the chamfer edge of the brick. This will help to stabilize the joint sand and help keep it in place. When combined with sealing, this will also help with weed growth and sand washout.

Your pavers should be re-sanded once the sand levels get below 1/4 inch from the chamferedge of the paver. The chamfer edge is the lower beveled edge of the paver.

The answer is no. However, to optimize the stabilization of the joint, sealing is definitely recommended. The sealer will harden the sand and help prevent washout.

Sanding does help inhibit weed growth but will not stop it. Most weeds grow from seeds penetrating into the joints and germinating. Sanding and Sealing the joints will help deter this from happening. Of course weeds can still pop up and for this reason we recommend our VIP program which is a way of combating weed and mold growth.

Ready To Restore Your Pavers?

Proof of license & insurance available upon request

We warranty our paver repairs for a period of 1 year from the time of the repair

This warranty does not cover such items as root intrusion and acts of mother nature.



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