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Out & About Southwest Florida: Hey guys we had such an amazing response from Paver Protectors last time, that we’re here again to find out more about the process. Let’s talk to the owner, Jeff Evers, to find out more.

Jeff, I’ve been hearing great things about the Paver Protector process. Tell us about it.

Jeff Evers: Yes, well first of all, the first part of our process is we come in and we do a thorough cleaning. We get rid of the mold and mildew and the weeds.

Secondly, if they’re having sanding done, we re-sand all the joints and then we go ahead and apply two coats of a water-based sealer. Our sealers won’t turn white. They won’t flake or peal. They won’t turn yellow. It gives you superior results and the color enhancement is very beautiful!

What about other services that you offer?

Well most of our services are geared more along the pressure washing line. But we do have a service where we do rust removal. We can do removal of water stains from sprinklers. We can do rust removal from fertilizer stains, that sort of thing and it works really well.


How is the cleaning process done?

Well with the cleaning process, we pre-treat the area with chlorine to kill any mold and mildew. Then we use a surface cleaner, which is what you’ll see in the video and the surface cleaner does a good job of getting the mold, mildew, and dirt out of there, but not extracting all of the sand. A very minimal amount of sand is displaced when we use that machine.

The second part of our process (if we’re doing sanding) we actually use a wet sanding process, so the sand will penetrate deeper into the cracks and get to the levels where they should be which is typically an eighth of an inch to a quarter of an inch below the brick edge. 

What are the benefits of sanding the joints?

John: When you get the sand levels up to where they need to be, it keeps the mold from building up, filling in that void area and getting all the way to the surface. By sealing the sand, it hardens and stabilizes the sand. So it makes it harder for the weeds to penetrate and grab root.

Out & About Southwest Florida: How can we find out more about Paver Protectors?

Jeff: The best way is to call us. You can reach us at 239-288-0705 or you can reach us through our website.

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